“Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I am just a girl who wishes for the world.”
― Marilyn Monroe

Before I begin, I would like everyone of you to know that this is not sponsored.

Not everyone has the time to watch YouTube videos or any other videos just to know if the products have a good review or if it’s actually effective.

I am self-confessed impulsive shopper so I often find myself in a situation wherein I am already queuing to pay for the stuff that I want while am still researching for a positive review for the products that I want to buy. So here I am making blog swatches for NEWLOOK MAKE UP COLLECTIONS to make it easier to someone who's just like me.

I have observed recently that the trend now is that more and more clothing brands are introducing or improving their make-up lines. These high street brands we frequently go to when looking for a new addition to our OOTDs are jumping on the beauty bandwagon and bringing out a variety of products for our beautiful faces.

New Look No Shine Mattifying Foundation, £7.99 ( 8.92; 543. 14 PHP; $ 10.15)

I tried this foundation last week for my errands and I even went to the gym wearing this foundation and guess what, it really worked out well with my face. Honestly, I even forgot to set the foundation with my setting powder because it really gave me a flawless matte finish and it kept my skin shine free all day! It hides imperfections and evens out skin tone.

Packaging is in a frosted glass pump bottle. The foundation is easy to blend and it feels matt on the skin but it also sets fast as well. It can be used under the eyes and doesn't crease and it also helps to cover mild imperfections but it kind of highlight my pores.

- Full coverage and controls shine
- All day wear

Black Graphic Angled Eye Liner Pen £4.99 ( 5.57; 339. 16 PHP; $ 6.34)

Get creative with bold lines, sharp edges and intense colour.
- Waterproof
- Long-lasting
- Easy to remove and stain-free

Takes a learning curve but once mastered, it will be the most indelible line ever. It’s a bit hard to correct mistakes and it dries really fast too.

SUPER MATTE LIQUID LIPSTICK NEWLOOK £5.99 ( 6.69; 406.45 PHP; $ 7.61)



- Full-coverage, long-lasting lip lacquer
- Enriched with Vitamin E and Avocado Oil to moisturise and smooth lips
- Flexible applicator ensure easy and precise application



This SUPER MATTE LIQUID LIPSTICK is easy to apply really and has a smooth, creamy consistency. Same with any other liquid lipsticks, it feels a little bit tacky but once it has dried (3-5 minutes), it is really lightweight that you can’t feel it at all. I really hate it when your lips feel sticky with product so this is a massive plus for me! I found that this lasted solidly throughout the day and I was actually really impressed with this liquid lipstick for its long wear.

Pink Pearls Glow Baked Highlighter Powder £7.99 ( 8.92; 543. 14 PHP; $ 10.15)

- Create a natural looking glow with long-lasting illuminating pigments
- Gives a pearly, bright and luminous effect on skin
- A silky soft, luxurious formulation
- Long lasting finish

This is one of my favorite highlighters that I've used. I scrapped off the top layer and I used it on my cheek bones, the tip of my nose, the space between my brows, and on my Cupid's bow. This wears all day and was worth the money I paid for it, it looks wonderful on my light skin tone.

Silver Glow Drops Highlighter £6.99 ( 7.80; 474.31 PHP; $ 8.88)

This unique liquid highlighter has a weightless formula that blends instantly and illuminates your face.

These glow drops can be used to create a buildable highlight from sheer to an intense shimmery finish, that gives a perfect glow to your complexion.
Formulated with effective pigment pearls.
Its sheer texture gives glossy reflections for a youthful, natural radiance and luminous finish to your complexion.
It can be used alone or mixed with foundation.

BLACK LIQUID EYELINER £3.99 ( 4.45; 270.74 PHP; $ 5.07)

Liquid eyeliner creates defined look with intense colour finish.
- High coverage
- Long-lasting
- Fast-drying

I have tried numerous different brands of liquid eyeliners throughout the years, trying to find the richest, darkest black with the most precise line. This one is it---hands down. This liner does not budge once set. Beautiful, thin, precise applicator that goes on so smooth and even.

Ultimate Face Palette £9.99 ( 11.15; 679.03 PHP; $ 12.70)

 An all-in-one make up palette. Your personal make-up studio in an all-in-one compact palette consisting of 8 different functions and 16 shades.

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- Highlight: Middle of forehead bridge of nose, chin & high point of cheek
- Bronze: Above contour on cheekbones
- Blush: Apply on cheeks
- Brows: Powder and define mid to tail of brows with darker shade
- Eyes: Apply medium shade on lid from lashline to crease
- Define Eyes: Define outer V and crease with darkest shade.
- Blend with medium shade for a more dramatic look
- Highlight: Apply below eyebrows.

The colors are amazing! I love how the shadows blend easily with one another. Works great with and without a primer. Definitely makes a good date night makeup.

Overall, I have to say I was captivated! Have you tried New Look’s make up range? What are your thoughts and experiences about it?

“I fought a killer and didn’t even smudge my makeup.”
― Rose Pressey, Flip That Haunted House


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  1. I am so bad when it comes to Make Up. I know nothing. However, for some funny reason - I actually get kinda excited when I get a new product. LOL. Like I think it's going to transform my look x 100! lol!

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  5. I will admit I am not great with makeup. I wear it foundation, blush, eyeliner, some lipgloss...and that is it. I also get bored easily with brands, so I swap around a lot...maybe because I have not found that perfect one yet. I will have to try some of your suggestions for sure!

  6. I am not great with make up, but would love to try these products. I love matte foundation helps with my oily skin.

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  13. These products are perfect. I wonder how it will work out for me. I would love to buy them!

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